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March 13 SOL

Jioh and best teacher
Trent and the facepalm
Sukriti and the chair
Alan and his day.
Nathan and inline skating
Sophia and Singapore
Kota and the bullet train
Oscar and the fun day

March 20 SOL

Jioh and the fire show
Eden and the leak
Nathan and the big day
Alan and swimming
Sophia and the airplane

March 22

Jioh's name
Nathan and the zombie
Alan and the movie

March 23

Jioh and the movie
Nathan's fun day
Sophia and Rocks
Sukriti and water
Trent's holiday
Alan's day

March 25

Jioh and the dot
Sukriti and the interview
Nathan and the fun day
Sophia and garbage
Alan and the bank
Trent and the nerf gun

March 27

March 1